Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction

​Adult Golf Coaching and Instruction 

Game improvement begins with the correct plan!
1.     Assess the golfers skills and ability.
2.     Assess the golfers equipment.
3.     Set measurable and realistic goals.
4.     Prescribe a practice/instruction plan.

The Masters Program ​is 10 hours of instruction that includes club evaluation, physical improvement program and work on all aspects of the game.  This is for the person that wants to take their game to the next
level.  $599/425.

The Players Program:
A progressive program for adults and young players designed to meet our established goals.  6 hours of training, $399/280 

Other instruction offerings:
​1 hour private instruction .   $75/ $50 1/2 hr.  Juniors save 30%

We have and use:
  • BodiTrak
  • TrackMan Putting and TrackMan 4
  • KVest 3D analysis and biofeedback
  • ​TPI Physical Evaluations
  • ​T​rackMan Combine:                      $40         Evaluate and test your skills!

To schedule a session, call 282-3301 or 744-3758
Click on "Schedule a Lesson" at the top of the page for online scheduling.

Golf Instruction Detail

KVest 3D Training
It’s the industry's only human motion learning system. The all-in-one wireless system that instantaneously measures players’ power signatures and 3D data. The system that assesses player characteristics and generates insightful reports.

TrackMan 4
​The most comprehensive radar tracking device that combines club head data and golf ball data by using a two radar system.  The ultimate tool in performance analysis and club fitting comparisons.

SAM PuttLab
The worlds most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system.