Bubba won the Masters without taking lessons!

Posted on April 23, 2012
If Bubba Watson can win the Masters without taking golf lessons and having a regular swing coach, why should I? Although Bubba has a self made swing and can generate great results on a consistent basis, he is the exception.

We will also never know how his golf game would have turned out if he had been taught in a conventional manner. He certainly works out regularly with a fitness professional to help minimize injuries and strenghten his golf game and his experience over the years also has been a lesson in itself. Watching other players and having a tremendous hand-eye coordination along with keen imagination sets him apart from the norm.

For faster improvement in your game, and assessments on what physical limitations you may have, a golf professional could help you in a short term instruction program. Not many of us can hit the ball 340 yards and curve the ball at will. Solid, down the middle golf shots will work on any golf course.