I am not good enough to be fit for clubs!

Posted on June 30, 2013
Is it more important for a good player to be custom fit for clubs or the average to higher handicapper? Who benefits the most? Well, both benefit from having clubs fit them and their games. However, the average to higher handicap player will probably benefit the most. Mid to higher handicap players many times are trying to make an ill fitted golf club work while they are doing their best to become a better player. When a golf club does not fit your swing, you make compensations to adjust the ball flight. Often this means creating poor swing mechanics just to make a golf club do what it does not want to do. I see this most often with drivers that have too little loft for a player. If the loft is too low, it will force the player to keep their weight on the trail foot and try to force the ball in the air. When the shaft flex of your irons are incorrect, you adjust the release of the shot and the rotation of your body. All this means is that your shot is now relying on your hand eye coordination which make consistency more difficult. Set up an assessment in the near future!