Can Technology Change Your Game?

Posted on July 13, 2012
We just received the latest version of the Flightscope launch monitor. WOW!! This equipment offers me the information to optimize your equipment and your golf swing. Each shot is measured for club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rates and angle of attack. The unit also tells me your swing path direction at impact.

Because the unit has its own wireless network, I can set it up on the range or even on the course. This option makes it perfect for comparing clubs or balls and checking distance gaps. During golf instruction, we can check progress by watching changes in club path, face position and angle attack. When using video of the student, the two technologies offer you and I the ultimate information to make proper changes in your game.

All of this technology is great, but will not change your game without proper direction of how and what to practice. These tools offer the student and instructor a better understanding of what the best path of change may be in your golf equipment and technique. Give me a call when you're ready for that information. 765-282-3301