Club Fitting

Club Fitting

Many players do not understand the process or the benefits of club fitting. As a player is developing and improving their golf game, the equipment that is being used will play an important role in the quality of shots produced. Everyone grades their shot and golf game by good ball flight. If your golf ball is not flying in the way that you expect, the first thing you will do is adjust your setup or swing to change that ball flight. But, what if the equipment you are playing is negatively influencing the flight of the ball? You may be swinging the golf club in a good motion but getting poor results! The golfer will now be forced to make a compensating move to achieve the desired ball flight. Have you ever noticed that you are driving the ball very well today but can't perform with your irons? Or vice versa? Many times this is caused by a compensating move to make one or the other part of your game work but forces the other to suffer.

Here is what our process for club set fitting entails...

  1. Discuss with you the areas of your game that are suffering.
  2. Talk about your favorite clubs in your bag and what is the longest iron you are comfortable with.
  3. Explore what fairway metals and hybrids are playable for you.
  4. Decide what the most lofted wedge should be in your bag.
  5. Begin determining the shaft that will be most beneficial using launch monitors and fitting software.
  6. Determine the club head design that will offer the correct ball flight launch and characteristics.
  7. Measure appropriate shaft length based on correct posture and ball strike consistency.
  8. Test for loft on driver and fairway metals using launch monitors and ball flight observation.
  9. Test for correct lie angle for the irons by striking balls and checking turf interaction.
  10. Test for bounce on wedges by determining swing type and turf interaction.
  11. Check for proper size of grip and grip material.
  12. Gap the set of clubs by determining proper yardage differences between clubs (usually 10-12 yards), keeping in mind the set make up of driver, fairway metals, hybrids, irons and wedges. By knowing your success with fairway metals and knowing what the longest iron you are comfortable with, we can determine the makeup of your set. Wedges will then be gapped to fit the range from your pitching wedge to the most lofted wedge in your bag.

Whether you putt with a conventional grip, claw, left hand low or specialized grips such as super stroke we can determine the best method for you via SAM PUTT LAB.

Individual clubs such as drivers, fairway clubs and wedges are all fit with the same process as described above. We make sure you are not duplicating distances and are getting the best fit for the planned use of the equipment.

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