Does the model of golf ball really matter?

Posted on April 26, 2012
I hear golfers say quite often that golf balls are all the same and I play with golf balls I find or what people have given me. The golf ball research and development teams have to shutter when they hear that!

If golf balls are all the same, why are there balls with; urethane covers, surlyn covers, hard cores, soft compressions, different dimple designs, multi layer balls etc., etc. Golf balls are not all the same! When the course is soft, you can play with a firmer (surlyn cover) golf ball, like a Titleist NXT or Velocity ball, and take advantage of the longer distance without sacrificing as much on your short game. When you rely on soft delicate shots on firm surfaces nothing performs like a urethane cover ball. If you curve the ball too much on more of your shots, choose a lower spinning ball that will help you stay in play. Slower swing speed players often benefit from lower compression golf balls for a more solid feeling contact.

Ask the golf shop staff which ball will help you attain the characteristics you are looking for in your game. Choosing a golf ball is much more than which ball you can hit further off the tee, overall scoring advantages are key.