More to shoes than looks....

Posted on May 11, 2012
With all the new golf shoe models in stock at Tom Harris Golf Shop, it is important to remember that the shoe is more than good looks, they are a big part of your equipment. Many people make a shoe decision based on what a tour player wears or the general look of the top of the shoe. Fit is of course very important but we will consider that a given, the sole and structure of the shoe needs to fit the type of player and the conditions you play in.

If you play in the mornings or in tournament play, you will need a pair that is waterproof and will have enough grip to play in wet, slick conditions. If you are a powerful swinger of the club and use your lower body to generate your swing speed, you need to look at a shoe that gives you the stability to maintain that foundation. Many players have flexibility issues in their hips and lower back, a lack of good surface grip and sole stability may allow you to sway and slip as you swing back and forth. The new casual spikeless shoes are great for those that have a smooth, even transfer of speed from the backswing to the downswing.

As you watch PGA Tour golf you can almost match up the type of player with the type of shoe they wear. Fred Couples with his smooth swing wears the spikeless casual shoe along with Ernie Els. Rory McIlroy and the most powerful athletic swingers use the stablility of the traditional bottom shoes. Be sure to pick your shoe based on your type of swing along with the fit and needs of when you play your golf.