Patience... a key to your golf game.

Posted on June 10, 2013
If you look at all the ways patience comes into play in your golf game, I think you will find it serves a vital roll. In today's world of instant information and ways to satisfy our curiosity, many of us apply these principles to improve our golf games as well. We are always looking for the easy fix to our golf games. We purchase the latest golf club to correct what we feel is lacking on our game! We try hero shots to save our score when we can only pull it off 1 out of 10 times! We buy training aids and golf magazines to find the mystical cure to our golf problems. Be Patient... Finding out what is truly creating poor contact or ball flight should be first. Consistent practice at improving these faulty characteristics should be next. Use good course management to play smart golf and promote lower scores. Repeat these steps with your coach consistently to bring about improvement much quicker. Many people have tried the quick fix method many times over many years! If they had used the "patient method" they would have improved years ago!