Putting Practice

Posted on May 03, 2012
Do you practice your putting at home or the office on carpet? Is it good to practice away from the golf course? Can I actually improve my putting without a green and a cup?

Practicing with a purpose and receiving feedback can be very productive in any location. You can set up a simple practice station to improve contact and to get the ball started on the correct line.

Set a drink coaster ten feet from your golf ball. Two feet in front of the ball in line with the coasters set2 objects down with room for 2 golf balls to fit through the gate. Practice the ten foot putt my making sure the ball travels successfully between the objects on the way to the coaster. Try not to move your head until you hear the ball hit the cup!

To practice great contact, put a Band-Aid on your putter face with the cushion covering the sweet spot. Practice your stroke feeling the ball continuously striking the soft pad of the cushion each time. You will really know if you strike the ball off the sweet spot when you putt. There are many variations of this drill, but this is a simple one.