Stretch to hit better shots...

Posted on April 24, 2012
Golf season is here and for those that did not make golf fitness a priority over the winter months, there is good's never too late to start. Stretching and incorporating some excerise movements to minimize your physical limitations can go a long way in preventing injury and improving your golf game. Hitting solid consistent shots is every ones goal and many of our downswing faults are influenced by our physical ability to stay in posture.

I was certified in screening our golfers for limitations this past winter and have created programs for more than 20 of our members to date. Those that have followed the program have seen dramatic results in their general well being and ability to swing the golf club better. If you are ready to get on track with a golf specific program please contact me. The TPI program is great for golf but many find it is also wonderful for your everyday life.

Tom Harris is a certified TPI Golf Instructor in Munce, Indiana.