Things I didn't realize I should do!

Posted on June 13, 2013
The staff in the golf shop see a pattern of things that most golfers do not notice. Most golf shoes that have soft spikes are worn down to the extreme. To the point that the spike gives no benefit at all! Most players have slick or very worn grips. The first thing a person notices on a new club is the feel of a good golf grip! You should arrive at the tee 3-5 minutes before your tee time. This allows the group to get their games decided and the first players tee shot will be in the air on their tee time. Golf carts tend to follow the same paths when around the greens, bunkers and tees. Be sure to keep the carts a reasonable distance (10 yards or so) from these areas so that wear patterns don't damage the playing conditions. These few thoughts may help you enjoy your golf game more, improve the golf course and show good etiquette to fellow golfers. Let us know if we can replace your worn grips or spikes.