Three common swing faults...

Posted on May 08, 2012
With the start of the season and having played a round or two with club members,  I see the three most common errors that lead to poor contact showing up time and again.  Unfortunately, most golfers do not recognize they are falling victim to these common problems.

1. Alignment for all players is a difficult concept and the most frequent mistake I see.  The player should be parallel to the target line with feet, hips, and chest.

2. Excessive movement of the head is another problem that causes a multitude of poor shots.  This can be from a misunderstanding of weight position throughout the swing, difficulty in rotating around your spine, poor sequencing of your body motion along with other issues that are generally related to physical limitations.

3. The breakdown of the lead wrist prior to impact is the most common problem for all club players.  The scooping of the club on chip shots, pitch shots and full shots is the fault that occurs primarily due to the above two problems.

Poor alignment leads to swing motions that discourage the club to swing on plane.  Excessive movement will not allow the body to stay centered over the ball and move to the target leg.  The breakdown of the lead wrist and elbow trying to compensate for the poor positions will lead to thin and fat shots.  Not to mention, poor contact with the ball.