Up And Down At The BMW!

Posted on September 11, 2012

It was great to have the PGA Tour in our backyard recently! Not often do Central Indiana residents have the opportunity to see the world's best golfers on a course familiar to many of us.

The course was very wet which is not what the Tour planned so, with the ball in hand rule and soft greens, players took full advantage of hitting fairways and firing at the flagstick.

The part of the game that was most evident to me was 100 yards and closer to the hole. All of these players hit drives of 280 - 320 yards and are all solid iron players, but the ability to pitch and putt the ball was what made the winning score possible.

The short game... anyone has the ability to be great at this aspect of the game! You don't have to be strong, flexible or technically perfect to be extremely good in this area of the game. Improvement in the short game is the fastest way to lower scores! Good short game technique can carry over into your long game as well. As you learn to control the club face you then can control the golf ball!

Do you practice enough? Do you practice the short game enough? I don't believe any of us do! Learn the proper technique, make the effort and you will surely see the results.