Use the winter months to improve yourself!

Posted on December 06, 2012
 The Winter off season is a great time to really improve yourself and your golf game.
Don't let another season go by without improving! Did your handicap go up or down?  If your not getting better by what your doing it's time for a change.  Here is my recipe for success!

1.  Come in for a golf assessment.  We will check your physical limitations and your golf swing.

2.  We will provide a schedule of in home excerises and golf drills to enhance both of the above areas.

3.  Then schedule golf instruction to improve your swing mechanics.

4.  Add short game lessons to improve chipping and putting, the fastest way to lower scores.

5.  Equipment evaluation as Spring arrives to make sure you start out with the best equipment for you.


Hope to see you this winter! Have a wonderful holiday season!