Why waggle the club?

Posted on May 01, 2012

Do you waggle the club before initiating the back swing?  If so, is it to calm your nerves, rehearse your take away or do you even know that you have a waggle?

Jason Dufner, this past weeks PGA Tour winner, has a very unusal waggle that can count up to 11-12 times before hitting his shot.  Sergio Garcia would regrip his club numerous times before pulling the club away.  Mike Weir would rehearse his take away prior to hitting his shots and Tiger Woods always practices a movement before his shots.

A waggle can be a good thing to incorporate into your routine.  I would suggest using it to minimize tension in your grip, arms and shoulders along with helping you rehearse a nice smooth take away.  Add a waggle to your practice sessions to always practice like you play.